To help people get a better online shopping experience, Apple finally launched the Apple Card.

According to Jennifer Bailey, Apple Pay VP, this revolutionized credit card is especially designed to counter security threats and other issues in various online transactions. She said that the people would definitely like the Apple Card since it has a very easy user interface and even provides expenditure records. She stressed that it is very important to trace one’s financial status to prevent overspending.

The Apple Card will be first available in the U.S. this week, and when there’s no glitch, it will eventually expand to the other parts of the world.

When asked on how to avail this intuitive card, Bailey said that an iPhone 6 user (or later models) could just have hover to the Wallet App and look for the ‘apply for Apple Card’ tab.

Once the application succeeds, the user can immediately use the card on different platforms.

Aside from simplicity, Bailey said that they take pride with this new digital credit card since anyone can avail this absolutely for free.

This card also offers a lesser interest for its covered products and services.  And the security of this card is very sophisticated, Bailey exclaimed. She revealed that they have no means of monitoring the specific demographics of the users, including what could be their preferred products, what they actually purchased, and how much are they willing to spend within a day. 

Bailey confirmed that the Apple Card has lots in store for Apple device users. She said that if people want to enjoy jaw-dropping discounts and get tons of freebies, they need to switch and apply for their own Apple Card before it becomes too late.